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Virat Kohli was described by AB de Villiers as “arrogant and cocky”

The bond between AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli is one of the best-known in the game of cricket. But it wasn’t the same when the famous South African cricketer met the Indian cricketer for the first time. At the start of his career, Kohli was a character many people didn’t understand. Even AB de Villiers thought the former captain of India and RCB was full of himself. ABD told Chris Gayle in a conversation that when he first met Kohli, he, too, thought he was arrogant and full of himself.

“Oh, my gosh… I’ve been asked this question before, and I’ve also answered it this way previously. I thought he was brash and full of himself the first time I met him. “With that hairstyle and how he walked, he was flamboyant,” ABD said in a video interview with Gayle.

“But as I got to know him better and saw him play, I got to know him better as a person. I still admire him, but I got to know him better. When I met him for the first time, I thought he had a wall surrounding him. When that wall broke down, I got to know the person. I didn’t hate him, but you understand what I mean. He’s a top person now, but when I first met him, I thought, “Oof…he needs to get back to earth a little bit,” said De Villiers.

In an episode of Bold Diaries, De Villiers said what he thought of Kohli when he saw him for the first time. But the former captain of South Africa said that his opinions altered after he got to know Virat Kohli well.

The South African batter, known as “Mr. 360” in cricket, will be remembered as an RCB legend. Along with Chris Gayle, he will also be remembered forever for his stellar performance in the Indian Premier League. Recently, RCB retired their No. 333 and No. 17 jerseys to honor two legendary players who used to play for them.


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