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Will MS Dhoni leave the IPL 2023? Deepak Chahar’s Opinion Is Interesting

Deepak Chahar had an interesting answer when asked about MS Dhoni’s future in the IPL.

The speculation around MS Dhoni’s future in the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been circulating for a while. There has been no clear word on Dhoni’s future with Chennai Super Kings, despite the fact that he has assuredly stated that he will play the matches in this year’s tournament in front of the home crowd in Chennai. In a recent interview, CSK fast bowler Deepak Chahar was asked about the subject and had a really unusual response.

Nobody has said that this will be his last year. He hasn’t, at least. I’m hoping he’ll play more. We have no knowledge of such a thing, and we want him to play as frequently as possible,” Chahar told News India Sports.

“We witnessed that when he did in Tests and international cricket. He understands when to retire. Nobody else is aware. It would be a joy to play for him, so I just hope he keeps playing. Playing with him has been a dream come true. When he bats in the IPL this year, you will be able to tell that he is in good form as well, the speaker continued.

Dhoni, who will captain CSK in 2023, previously stated his excitement about playing in front of a home crowd for the first time in a long time.

“Definitely. Simple: it wouldn’t be right to skip Chennai while still saying “thank you” to the crowd. In Mumbai, both as a member of a team and an individual, I have gained a great of love. But it wouldn’t be kind to the CSK supporters,” Dhoni added in reference to his future.


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